Yes, You Do Have to Be Taught (secret: we all do)

An image is going viral right now of a young UK man stating that he does not need to be taught not to be a rapist.

It is true that he may not need his college to teach him that. Maybe he does understand what consent and active, enthusiastic consent is. Maybe he understands how to navigate and negotiate complex situations so that he ensures that any kind of sexual encounter he has with someone is consensual.

Here is the thing, though.

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The Difference Between Fantasy & Fantasy

In Some Gals Just Like to Be Tied Up I introduced an overview of my ideas about BDSM. I want to start delving a little deeper into those ideas. Given the overall theme of my last article, and some of the misconceptions I see about BDSM, I thought consent might be a good place to start. I want to look at two ideas of consent: Implied Consent and Actual Consent.

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