Right now – I have a heavy and troubled heart. Early Sunday morning, something terrible happened at Pulse in Orlando. A gunman opened fire and murdered innocent people. There are not enough words to express the sorrow or how my heart goes out to those who lost a loved one or a friend.

In the coming days, we will hear a lot of talking from the usual places. It is best that we keep a few things in mind, especially if we are going to share news or memes.

  1. People lost someone they love. Respect that and respect their sorrow.
  2. Do not use this as your political tool. If you truly want to help and if you truly believe that something you believe can help prevent these tragedies or minimize them at least, then write your Congressman, reach out to lobbyists, and offer your opinion on surveys that think-tanks send out. If you share those ideas, remember number one. People are hurting right now, and you might know some of them.
  3. Do not become blind to what happened. We are still learning the full extent of this terrible event. The most important things to remember, however, is that a man made a choice and hate informed that choice.
  4. Do not let hate in your heart in this. Do not blame other innocents for the murder of innocents.

Though I am tempted, I will not wax political about this. Instead, I will just offer this: my thoughts and my prayers to the survivors and to those who lost someone dear. Nothing can replace what was taken and we can only mourn for and with you.