Submission Guidelines

Your knees are my favorite position for you.

Clothing optional.

Kissing the ground or shoes is optional as well. Honestly, I have mixed experiences.

If you like my work and have an adult site or blog that you would like to hire me for, please visit me on Fiverr®. If you have other perks that you offer instead of money, such as click-backs, etc, then please contact StreetWraith Press to discuss the offer or arrangement.

Rules about comments:

I approve all comments before they appear on the blog. If you want to comment and have it appear, consider these as general guidelines. This is not all-inclusive. General, proper netiquette always applies here.

1. Please no links in the comments. I will not abide spam or veiled attempts to market to my readers, outside of ads that come from WordPress or Adwords if I decide to go that route. If you want to do cross-links between blogs, then reach out to StreetWraith Press and let them know what blog you want to link between.

If you want to reference an actual site that is helpful to what I am talking about or gives further information or guidance, give me the site name in your comment. When I approve the comment, I will follow up with a link to the site that you mention.

2. I won’t say no profanity, because I use it from time to time. Please be respectful. If you get into a conversation, remember that real people are on the other side of the other computer. Treat them the way you would, ideally, if they were in front of you for a conversation. Obvious trolling, abusive comments, or anything that promotes something illegal or harmful to others will never be approved.

3. I do check the blog daily, so feel free to comment. If it is a real comment, I will approve it in a timely fashion.


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