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I have two ways you can become a patron. One is to purchase a Gig©, that is work from me, through Fiverr®. Just click on the picture.

I write adultHolle Fiver content articles for blogs and websites. Work that I have done includes product write-ups, advice, and how-tos for a variety of male, female, and couple adult toys. I have also written extensively about BDSM and BDSM tools and toys. I know, big surprise there. I have written about adult magazines and adult video sites.

I also write stories. If you would like a ghost writer, I work with multiple concepts and themes in the erotica genre, from cowboy to lesbian lure (though being LGBT myself, I have my own take on that) to billionaires. My gig includes a list of the things that I will not write about. Outside of that, I’m open.

I also use my gig to write on commission – that is you pay me $5 and I write you a story. The difference is that for commission gigs, I keep the rights, so it will get published eventually (though I do change names to protect privacy). If you want to see some examples of work I have done on commission (either to commission a fantasy or for ghost writing) then you can check out my first collection of On the Fives stories. If you would like, since you’re finding it through my blog, you can even use this  Coupon Code: CW94Z to get it for free.

If you like what I do and want to become an ongoing supporter, then become a Patron through Patreon. I offer different benefits if you become a Patron. I like to think my gratitude is the most important, but I know: we all like bloggers with benefits.

Whichever you choose, thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy.

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