About Holle

My name is Holle Dolce. I come here to talk about my ideas of BDSM. I share my philosophy and my opinions. I’ll also be sharing creative work around these ideas. Join me. Comment if you’d like. I’ll always welcome feedback and sharing.

The purpose of this blog is to help me learn. I’ve explored aspects of BDSM in little bits and pieces for a long time, but over the last year, I’ve actually focused on learning what it takes to be a good Dominant. If along the way I share something with someone else learning, then all the better.

Feel free to engage with me. I love to take part in discussions. If I’m missing something, or if you have a take on something I have talked about that is different from mine, share it. While I believe certain cornerstones exist to what makes BDSM, there is a lot of room between and above them for interpretation and fine-tuning philosophies. Understanding how others see BDSM and their experiences will help me and others learn.

That said, have fun.

I'm an Ethical Author

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