Revenge Porn, Slut Shaming, and GASP! Naked Bodies

So, the social networks are all abuzz right now with stories involving women being victimized, thanks to the reveal that Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities’ cloud accounts were hacked, and nude photos released. It looks as though Congress may get involved with some new legislation. This is not a bad thing, and I will not complain if something comes from it that can help deal with people who steal other people’s property and/or violate their privacy.

What bothers me about the article is that it is hyped up as a solution to help bring and end to this type of violation. It won’t. Stiff penalties might deter some people, but hackers that really want to find the hot new actress’ nude photos and share them with his 4chan buddies will still find a way to do so. Forcing sites to remove content will only provide them a challenge to put it elsewhere.

Better is to examine why this happens and knowing why learn how to make the action itself meaningless. Continue reading