How to Make a First Impression

Because I am beginning my search for a submissive, I am on a few sites to help facilitate meeting people of the BDSM persuasion. Yes, they are dating sites of a sort.


I know that at least a few lifestylers hang out on the site. I’ve gotten to speak to one or two.

I have had enough “Be my mistress” and “Can I be your slave” introduction emails, however, to make me wonder at the veracity of that statement.

I don’t mean people who introduce themselves to me as “Hi, my name is ____. I’m into BDSM and a submissive/slave. I know that you are looking for a submissive, and I would like to get to know you so that perhaps we would consider each other for a dynamic.” or some other similarly reasonable message.

I mean, first message in the box: “Can I be your slave?” “Can I be your submissive?” “Can I be your puppy?”

I even had one ask if he could be my bitch. Continue reading