I am publishing my first non-Heather in Haven story today. It was a commissioned piece – names changed to protect the innocent. A little bit of shameless plugging, time … if you want me to write something for you (just note that if I really like the story, I will republish it) then pop over to my writing blog Holle Dolce to see how that is done.

So, the story is Façade and if the title is not enough of a clue-in, it is about a man who puts on, well a mask. In this case, the mask is semi-figurative. He is a cross-dresser – or transvestite if you prefer, the names mean the same thing … mostly. Mostly enough, anyway. Some finer nuances get attached to one word over the other. I’m not really here to discuss the differences, as in my experience the use of the terms has been interchangeable and a matter of preference.

Franklin is a heterosexual cross-dresser who decides to spend a week of his vacation immersed in his alter ego – Tasha Freeman. Over the course of the week, he hopes to experience life as a woman, though Tasha. When he meets a charming you man named Jason, however, things become complicated. How can Tasha have these feelings and desires for Jason when Franklin does not like men? Continue reading