SSC – Yes, Really

Safe, Sane, and Consensual – or SSC – is a cornerstone of the larger BDSM Community. It is announced as a rule in most BDSM groups, online and taught to new members.

I have also seen members of groups say that it “does not work in reality”, that it means nothing, and that it is just a slogan. I have also seen these ideas applauded. I personally saw it as a soap box kindly being set out for me, and I happily took my place and spoke my piece. It was suggested that “good judgement” be used in place of such an idea as SSC, and that you go by what feels good. If it does not feel right, don’t do it. While yes, you should always listen to your gut, these are not rules to live by. They are also not rules for keeping a submissive or slave safe.

I chalk it up to SSC being paraded about, but not really explained. Why, I don’t know. Laziness? Irresponsibility? The assumption that they are three simple terms that anyone should be able to understand. Any number of reasons can exist for why the concept has not been properly explained to those new to BDSM.

I am going to fix that.

What is SSC and how can you apply it so that your can guide your actions with good judgement, recognizing when something doesn’t feel right? Continue reading