Dominant Training – Dealing with Emotions

I had something happen that I had never experienced before. I knew it could happen. I have even written about it happening to characters before.

I had never experienced it before, though. It was a little frightening, but also kind of amazing.

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Becoming a Dominant

I’ve said before, I am a Dominant – that is to say, I aspire to be a Dominant in the lifestyle. While I know a lot of things; I study; I read; I do all of the things to help me gain and share information (this blog is part of my learning experience, helping me to put together the things I learn as I go) I don’t feel ready to take on a submissive.

I don’t have the experience that would make me a responsible Dominant.

That is about to change. I am about to begin training. I’m nervous and excited about it.

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