Respect in BDSM Erotica

If you head over to StreetWraith Press After Dark (I linked around the 18+ warning because if you are going there from here, you should already be 18+ … you’re welcome) you will see a review with a similar title as this article. My first review of another author’s erotica. I hope that you find it enjoyable and that it stimulates your mind enough to want to buy the story. It’s a good one. Emily Ryan-Davis came highly recommended to me, and I recommend her as well.

What gripped me about Claiming Lauren and has me reading the rest of the eXclave series is the respect she pays to the Lifestyle and, most importantly, the safety and protocols that are so important in it. I wanted to expand on that idea a little more than I did in the review. The review was about Emily’s book, after all. Here, I can get on my soap box and talk a little more about Holle.

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Thoughts on Erotica

So some time ago, I had a commission piece requested that was … difficult. It was not difficult to write. I have been very fortunate that all of my clients, without exception, have been respectful of my limits as an author, even one of BDSM erotica.

I found the piece enjoyable to explore and write, but when it was finished, I realized that it was far darker than my normal stories. I’m not afraid of dark undertones, or dark themes, however the story lacks – light. I found that what worked as a commission piece – rather well, my client loved it – did not yet work for publication. To sit along side my other stories, it was missing something.

I’ve been battling with the story ever since then. I like it and I want to publish it, but how? What would I be able to do with the story that would keep it both true to its original fantasy and still something that made sense along my other stories.

As I was working on formatting the work I am publishing today, it hit me. Continue reading

Writing My Submissive Side?

As I have been writing various stories, I have noticed something.

My own inclinations, as I have discussed before, are more toward Dominant and I am currently learning to express that more, etc. In my  writing, however, my main characters are almost always submissive. In my most recent Commission piece, the two POV characters are both Dominants, but one of them enters into submission to the other as the result of a bet.

That is, however, the exception.

I don’t mind this. I don’t think it calls into question my own lifestyle role any more than writing straight/gay characters call into question my sexuality. I do find it interesting enough to write about, however, and I do wonder how many other BDSM erotica authors also write from primarily the submissive’s point of view. Continue reading

Do You Have a Fantasy?

One of the things that I do is write erotica.

Mostly I write BDSM erotica. I have made exceptions, when they are requested on Commission. I have a Gig® that I offer through Fiverr® . This is a site where people offer up a service they are willing to do for $5. I will create a story with you (as a pseudonym per Fiverr’s TOS) as a character. If you have a fantasy, something that you think you would enjoy seeing put to the test of storytelling, stop by and make a request. I’m open to most types of stories. I have a few hard limits. They are in the Gig® description. Within them is a wide world of kink, perversion, and sex.

I do publish these stories later as well. I publish them under the collection name “On the Fives”. Get it? Because it is through Fiverr® .

You do realize I have a leather flogger right here, right?

You’re laughing at my cleverness now. Good.

So I publish them under the collection title “On the Fives” as individual short stories. Some of the tales I have tackled include:

  • a businessman exploring his feminine side – cross-dressing as a woman for a week, with romantic complications of course.
  • Two tales of a young man dealing with an aggressive woman trying to either steal him away from his girl, or dominate them both.
  • a couples vacation at a cabin that test the intimacies of friendships
  • a bet between two Dominants that results in one getting a deeper exploration of submission

Those are the released stories. You can find them on Smashwords, Amazon, or StreetWraith Press.

So if you want to see someone else’s fantasy, check them out. If you’re feeling a little bit like an exhibitionist, visit the Gig® on Fiverr®. It will be a pleasure to turn your fantasy into a story.


I am publishing my first non-Heather in Haven story today. It was a commissioned piece – names changed to protect the innocent. A little bit of shameless plugging, time … if you want me to write something for you (just note that if I really like the story, I will republish it) then pop over to my writing blog Holle Dolce to see how that is done.

So, the story is Façade and if the title is not enough of a clue-in, it is about a man who puts on, well a mask. In this case, the mask is semi-figurative. He is a cross-dresser – or transvestite if you prefer, the names mean the same thing … mostly. Mostly enough, anyway. Some finer nuances get attached to one word over the other. I’m not really here to discuss the differences, as in my experience the use of the terms has been interchangeable and a matter of preference.

Franklin is a heterosexual cross-dresser who decides to spend a week of his vacation immersed in his alter ego – Tasha Freeman. Over the course of the week, he hopes to experience life as a woman, though Tasha. When he meets a charming you man named Jason, however, things become complicated. How can Tasha have these feelings and desires for Jason when Franklin does not like men? Continue reading

The Sexy Bad Boy

Here is the article I’m going to be talking about.

Did you know they are making a 50 Shades movie?

Probably, because everyone is talking about it. And as someone who could not get through the first chapter of the book, I’m going to say, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not a bad thing because with the chatter about the books, people are also talking about the activities in the book – specifically BDSM. And with that talk, they are turning to experts.

No, not psychiatrists and health experts. Continue reading

Master/slave Dynamics in BDSM and Haven

So, I mentioned last week that I was going to talk about my thoughts on Master/slave relationships. In thinking about it, well – I don’t want to come across as giving relationship advice because these thoughts are really from the outside-looking-in on this one. The closest that I got to having a slave, well, I decided I didn’t really want a sexual relationship where my partner was referring to me as his goddess. I enjoy power-shift play but that was a little more than I felt I could handle.

Instead, consider this, the views that inform my writing.

So, what is a slave and how does that differ from a submissive? Continue reading

Today in Erotic Authorship

Today is not a heavy writing day. This is one of those days when you sit down, do a lot of reading, and study some tips and techniques. So, I’m looking at sites that measure readability – what level I write at and how easy it is to actually read my stories. I’m not going to get into it, though, because it is also boring writing/editing stuff. I’m also reading through Romance Divas forums for tips about editing, voice, and font.

Ah learning days. Continue reading

Holle Gets Personal for a Minute

I was thinking about … well, just thinking, really. I read somewhere, but I don’t know if it is true (because no citations), that women never stop thinking. Our brains always have something going on. I suppose that could be the case. I can’t think of a time when I wasn’t just completely without thought. Not for very long, anyway.

I digress. I got the snippet of an idea for a story, about a woman who has no control over her own life. I was thinking about ways to explore the idea, and as Holle, I think I would have a lot more freedom to explore and express. After all, I’ve kind of already set the expectation that I will get steamy.

The idea got me thinking about something. If you had no control over your own life – over yourself – then would you be responsible for your own actions? Continue reading

Writing & Weather

Tonight I am finishing up chapter 3 of Heather in Haven. I have Enigma moving through my head phones, desire dancing between my legs, and a storm raging outside. It feels a little daring writing a sex scene as thunder bellows. It is as though the skies themselves feel the desire that is welling up in me as I write.

I’m not sure how it is for every erotic writer, but I have to feel the desire in the scene that I write. I want to be aroused by it. Chances are, I already was. I find the best way to come up with a new scene or scenario is to lie back in my bed, unfurl my imagination, and see what bit of lusty activity Heather and her Mistress can manage to get into that night.

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