Writing Erotica: an Introduction

Writing erotica is about more than deciding when to use “pussy”, “vulva”, “clitoris”, and “sex.” It is more than avoid “member” (and “turgid member”) at all costs.

Like any kind of writing, it is about understanding the genre you are writing in, familiarizing yourself with its sub genres, and using your skill to create a story that conveys the idea in your head.

With this series, we’re going to delve deeper into the storytelling craft with erotica and understand when we need to develop complex plots and characters and when we need to just let them get down to the nitty-gritty.



Taking Control of Head – with Flavor

If you’re like me, sometimes oral sex can be … tricky. Part of the problem, especially with finishing, is the taste. I tried flavored lubes and the just did not work that well. I would have to pile on the lube and it only added sweetness. It did not really cut inot the bitter flavor of the ejaculate. However, I discovered recently something that works very well for me and I wanted to share it. So, after the cut, we’ll be discussing oral sex tips.

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Sex Toys

As a freelance writer specializing in adult content, clients ask me to write a lot of articles about sex toys.

A lot of articles.

I say that for emphasis, not complaint. I like writing about sex and sex toys. I learn about toys that don’t apply to me – I have no need myself for a penis pump or sleeve, being a woman and all. I learn about toys that would not interest me personally but are neat. For example, did you know you can buy a realistic dildo that feels all fleshy and firm like a real penis … and squirts for you? Yeah. It includes a mix to make simulated jizm and a pump that lets you squeeze it out of the tip.

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