Taking Control of Head – with Flavor

If you’re like me, sometimes oral sex can be … tricky. Part of the problem, especially with finishing, is the taste. I tried flavored lubes and the just did not work that well. I would have to pile on the lube and it only added sweetness. It did not really cut inot the bitter flavor of the ejaculate. However, I discovered recently something that works very well for me and I wanted to share it. So, after the cut, we’ll be discussing oral sex tips.

Your Taste Buds and Flavor

We’re going to go back to middle school science and talk a little bit about taste and flavor. Your taste buds are the tiny receptors on your tongue that pick up flavors – bitter, sweet, sour, salty, etc. These receptors are important, especially the bitter and salty ones.

Something cooks have known for generations is that salt will block how your tongue detects bitter food. It is one of the reasons that salt is still a staple in cooking long after the invention of refrigeration. It is also why salt is an important ingredient in baking sweets. Chocolate, for example, has a natural bitterness to it that salt nullifies.

What This Has to Do with Head

For me, bitterness gets in the way of a good blowjob – especially finishing said blowjob. The taste of cum is not something that I enjoy, so it can affect my enthusiasm and performance. Which is a shame because when I am in the mood, it is something that I enjoy doing for Klaus.

One evening as I was enjoying some wine and indulging myself in Sour Patch Kids, I got frisky in the living room and decided to let Klaus enjoy the result. As I was going down on him, I noticed something.

I was not turned off by the taste of the pre-cum like I usually am.

It was not the alcohol. I have done tipsy and drunk blow-jobs before and while my aversion reflexes were somewhat subdued, I still had them. Now, however, I kind of liked the flavor.

Repeating this another night, doing some research into flavor, and examining the specific flavor of the Sour Patch Kids, I was able to figure out what was going on and put it together.

Onto the Tips (and shaft … )

Most tips about overcoming the flavor of cum have to do with what a man eats. He should eat and drink things that will help the flavor but … that will not erase all bitterness. What I will be talking about here is not what the recipient of head will do. It is what the person giving head will do (or in this case eat).

You will eat the candy as you are giving oral sex. Start with some candy before you start to get your tongue primed. When you feel you need to, depending on how your taste buds adjust, you can pause for more while giving head.

The Candy

Bear in mind, I was only using Sour Patch Kids (SPKs), so that will be my focus here. This is not an ad for them, though, so I will give you guidelines for choosing or making your own candy to help you. It should be both sweet and very sour. The sweet will help with the overall taste during the blow-job. The sour will as well. It will also increase salivation, which will make it more pleasurable for your partner.

The flavor should also be just a little salty. The saltiness is important and it is also important that you do not over do it. With SPKs, you barely register that the flavor is salty. I had to think about it and then research to see if anyone else detected saltiness just to make sure that I was not imagining it. Remember, too much salt is unpleasant and could potentially dehydrate you. It should be just enough to enhance the sour tang and have you asking if it is salty without being sure.

The salty flavor is key. Salt, as I said, suppresses bitterness. So, with bitter suppressed, you will have the other flavors in the cum (which will be pleasant ones if he is eating right) and the sweet and sour of the SPKs working together for a pleasing taste that will encourage you to really go to town.

The Caution

You’re going to be sucking on genitals and eating candy. That can be a recipe for infection so it is important to be careful for your partner’s sake.

Have plain, cool water on hand. Each time you eat some SPKs, drink water and wash the candy down completely before going back to the cock. In this way, you minimize the amount of sugar (and other candy chemicals) that you transfer onto the cock. The water will not erase the effect of the flavors from the candy, so you will still get the effect you desire.

To Swallow or Not to Swallow

That is up to you. I found it easy to swallow with the SPKs to enhance the flavor. Typically, swallowing for me would involve pulling the tip of the cock as far back on my tongue as I could, to minimize tasting the cum. If you have a gag reflex (I do) this can be problematic. With the SPKs, I could go to town and swallow when the orgasm happened. No special positioning needed.



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