Sex Toys

As a freelance writer specializing in adult content, clients ask me to write a lot of articles about sex toys.

A lot of articles.

I say that for emphasis, not complaint. I like writing about sex and sex toys. I learn about toys that don’t apply to me – I have no need myself for a penis pump or sleeve, being a woman and all. I learn about toys that would not interest me personally but are neat. For example, did you know you can buy a realistic dildo that feels all fleshy and firm like a real penis … and squirts for you? Yeah. It includes a mix to make simulated jizm and a pump that lets you squeeze it out of the tip.

Again, not something I personally need but actually kinda cool and kinky with lots of possibilities if you think about it … actually I could think of one or two things I would use it for …

But I digress.

Researching and writing about sex toys lets me learn a great deal about them. As part of my more practical Holle, I’m going to collect together some of the things that I have learned about sex toys, from my own experiences and what I have learned writing about them.

The goal of these articles will be to give you a one-stop locale where you can find tips on choosing toys, guides on the types of sex toys, and the best care and safety practices for sex toys. I want to open the door to something that will enhance both your self-pleasure and your intimate time with your partner. I also want to help you get the most out of your investment in your sex toys, choosing toys that you will enjoy using and that will last.

Why Talking about Sex Toys Is Important

We have this strange relationship with sex toys. In the United States, they are treated legally as “novelty items.” This makes it easy to purchase them and allows us to enjoy a varied selection with a wide range of prices. However, it also means that these items are unregulated. While the industry has its own methods for assuring quality, there is not mandatory compliance, so consumers have to be careful and understand what to look for in sex toy materials and quality.

Since you have to be careful with what you buy – you are going to use these items on delicate parts of your body, after all – it is important to arm yourself with knowledge. You need to understand what types of materials make up the most common sex toys and what terms manufacturers use to refer to those materials. You need to know which are body safe, and what to do if a beloved toy is not body-safe.

No matter how experienced we are with sex toys, there is always more to learn. It may be information about chemicals in plastics or safety concerns with a type of toy that are becoming known. Consider these four questions about some popular sex toys.

  • Are all glass dildos safe?
  • What kind of lubricant should I use with my flesh-like dildo/masturbation sleeve?
  • What kind of anal plug should I use for anal training or kink play?
  • How do I know if a sex toy has phthalates?

We all know answers to probably one or two of these questions, but how many of us (who don’t work in an adult novelty store) can rattle off the answers to all of them quickly?

If you are looking for sex toys to add to your toy box, however, you will be asking some of these questions at some point. You may eventually ask all of them and more.

These articles will provide you a place to come back to for answers and information. I will also update the articles with new information as necessary as well.


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