Holle Is Happy Today

Just in case you are living under a rock, in a deserted area of the country temporarily without internet, radio, or television (then how are you getting this?), or just have not had a chance to hear –

The Supreme Court just ruled that the various same-sex marriage bans that have been going around many states still are unconstitutional.

Here’s a link to one of the NPR articles.

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s how the change looks for the country.


Courtesy of NPR of course.

I think my favorite part was Alito asking, if we allow 2 gay men to marry each other, why not 5 of them. To which I would have to say – yeah, why not? If 5 consenting adults want to enter into a marriage contract together, without coercion etc, then they should be able to.

That, however, is for another day.

Right now, we will rejoice because this country has finally taken a step forward again.

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