That Time of the Year

So it is that time of the year – the holidays. I have been rather busy, which is why the posting has been off and on. I am trying to keep new things coming, though. I have been studying BDSM and the lifestyle intently over the past several months, and I really enjoying sharing the things that I learn here.

Today, however, we are taking a small break in all of that.

I want to give first a belated Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it. To those who don’t, I hope that you still accept the well wishes from me as I do.

I also want to offer an early Happy New Year. I will try to write tomorrow, if only briefly, but tomorrow is an important day, so no promises.

To the spammers – just stop. I moderate comments, so your spam comments will never be seen by anyone but me. All I do is click spam. I don’t click your links because I don’t care to. This site is not for spam. It is for exchanging information. It is where I come to share the things that I learn and expand on my philosophy. It is not for you to try to sell SEO services, internet gambling, or any of the other many things that end up getting clicked over to spam.

So if you are a spammer, save yourself time. If you are a legit reader, you are welcome.

I know no one likes to read spam.


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