Respect in BDSM Erotica

If you head over to StreetWraith Press After Dark (I linked around the 18+ warning because if you are going there from here, you should already be 18+ … you’re welcome) you will see a review with a similar title as this article. My first review of another author’s erotica. I hope that you find it enjoyable and that it stimulates your mind enough to want to buy the story. It’s a good one. Emily Ryan-Davis came highly recommended to me, and I recommend her as well.

What gripped me about Claiming Lauren and has me reading the rest of the eXclave series is the respect she pays to the Lifestyle and, most importantly, the safety and protocols that are so important in it. I wanted to expand on that idea a little more than I did in the review. The review was about Emily’s book, after all. Here, I can get on my soap box and talk a little more about Holle.

So let’s do so. Continue reading


Why Submission Is Not About Nature

One topic that has been coming up in groups for a while is the idea of the “natural submissive.”

You know these submissives well. They appear in groups, some of them being long-time lifestylers, some of them being very new and inexperienced. All of them say the same things:

  • My submission is a natural thing.
  • I have always been this way.
  • Being submissive is who I am.
  • Submission is in my blood and my soul. Continue reading