Do You Have a Fantasy?

One of the things that I do is write erotica.

Mostly I write BDSM erotica. I have made exceptions, when they are requested on Commission. I have a Gig® that I offer through Fiverr® . This is a site where people offer up a service they are willing to do for $5. I will create a story with you (as a pseudonym per Fiverr’s TOS) as a character. If you have a fantasy, something that you think you would enjoy seeing put to the test of storytelling, stop by and make a request. I’m open to most types of stories. I have a few hard limits. They are in the Gig® description. Within them is a wide world of kink, perversion, and sex.

I do publish these stories later as well. I publish them under the collection name “On the Fives”. Get it? Because it is through Fiverr® .

You do realize I have a leather flogger right here, right?

You’re laughing at my cleverness now. Good.

So I publish them under the collection title “On the Fives” as individual short stories. Some of the tales I have tackled include:

  • a businessman exploring his feminine side – cross-dressing as a woman for a week, with romantic complications of course.
  • Two tales of a young man dealing with an aggressive woman trying to either steal him away from his girl, or dominate them both.
  • a couples vacation at a cabin that test the intimacies of friendships
  • a bet between two Dominants that results in one getting a deeper exploration of submission

Those are the released stories. You can find them on Smashwords, Amazon, or StreetWraith Press.

So if you want to see someone else’s fantasy, check them out. If you’re feeling a little bit like an exhibitionist, visit the Gig® on Fiverr®. It will be a pleasure to turn your fantasy into a story.


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