Today in Erotic Authorship

Today is not a heavy writing day. This is one of those days when you sit down, do a lot of reading, and study some tips and techniques. So, I’m looking at sites that measure readability – what level I write at and how easy it is to actually read my stories. I’m not going to get into it, though, because it is also boring writing/editing stuff. I’m also reading through Romance Divas forums for tips about editing, voice, and font.

Ah learning days.

Don’t worry. Writing is happening. I just put up Heather in Haven Five, and I’m happy with how it came out. When I wrote four, with Heather’s piercing, I wasn’t certain that I was going to go into any more detail about her adjusting to the new nipple rings. I didn’t want to get bogged down on one aspect of her experiences in Haven, not when I still have a lot of other things to play with before I wrap up the story arch. That wasn’t to say I didn’t have the idea or desire to, but I was a little concerned about reader response.

Apparently, people like body-art erotica.

So, I put my fears aside, and explored Heather’s first night in chains. Chains in nipple-rings are an exercise in trust. While I do include the caveat of a safety catch, so that Heather cannot actually be harmed, a lot of pain can be inflicted. Heather even reaches her limit in this story. Heather in Haven is pure fantasy. While I do take my own fetish club experiences as inspiration for what I write, the club itself is uniquely fiction. Because it is fantasy, it is the ultimate safe place. Everyone there ultimately plays by Mistress Victoria’s rules, and she is the final arbitrator of all play. I do, however, like to make nods to the reality of BDSM play, and to me having something like nipple chains without a safety catch would be dangerously irresponsible.

So, in Five, I introduce a new character – Mia. We’ll be seeing her again. As a tease offering, she will figure into my next Interlude and in the last chapter of this story arch. I don’t want to offer up any more than that right now, though. I want Mia’s appearance in the Interlude to be as surprising for the reader and it will be for Heather.

I’ve already finished Chapter Six, I just need to edit it. I want to get ahead in the chapters, so that if I find myself stuck on a scene, I don’t get behind. I like getting the chapters up about once a week. It keeps a steady flow and shows my new and potential readers that I am an author who will keep them busy.

Tease time.

So, in Six, Heather gets more Adam play time. Through Heather, I explore something that tends to get blurry in my experience – the difference between a slave and a submissive. I’ll stop there, mostly because Master/slave dynamics, for me, get problematic very quickly. While the dynamic is very erotic, it can carry dangerous undertones if not treated correctly. I like the dynamic that I paint in Six, so I’m going to wait until next week, when it goes up, to get into my thoughts about the about. It means that we can play safely in Haven together.

And you’ll have a reason to come back and see me.


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