Writing & Weather

Tonight I am finishing up chapter 3 of Heather in Haven. I have Enigma moving through my head phones, desire dancing between my legs, and a storm raging outside. It feels a little daring writing a sex scene as thunder bellows. It is as though the skies themselves feel the desire that is welling up in me as I write.

I’m not sure how it is for every erotic writer, but I have to feel the desire in the scene that I write. I want to be aroused by it. Chances are, I already was. I find the best way to come up with a new scene or scenario is to lie back in my bed, unfurl my imagination, and see what bit of lusty activity Heather and her Mistress can manage to get into that night.

That’s not to say that I don’t have a story arc for Heather in Haven. I do. However, story arcs tend to more involve specific key scenes rather than minute details. Meaning that as I plan to release several sex-filled chapters over time, I have to come up with what will fill those sex-filled chapters.

Which brings us back to lying back in bed.

That is what makes writing under a pseudonym inviting. I’ve always been scared to share my own inner fantasies. What if my partner doesn’t like them, or thinks I’m weird. Here, it’s just a pen-name that gets judged. Though to be honest, compared to some things I see out there (shudders) I’m actually not scared of being judged at all.

So, um … yeah. That’s me writing tonight.


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